Florida Statute 553.791 F.S. 553.791 Link, effective in 2002, allows the fee owner of a building or structure, or the fee owner's contractor upon written authorization from the fee owner, to choose to use a Private Provider to perform the required review of building plans to determine compliance with applicable Florida Building Codes and local codes, and to perform those inspections required by law of each phase of construction for which permitting by local officials is mandated. The Private Provider may perform these services that are within the disciplines covered by that person's licensure or certification under chapter 468, chapter 471, or chapter 481.

MEP Structural & Inspections, Inc. (MEP Structural) is licensed and certified per the requirements of the Florida State Statutes to perform Private Provider Services. We interface with Local Building Departments and Officials to ensure a smooth process with limited delays.

The following is a brief summary of the process.

  • A fee owner must notify the local building official at the time of permit application that they are exercising their option to appoint MEP Structural as a private provider for the project. To facilitate the application process, MEP Structural has a prepared form (requiring only a signature from the fee owner) with required attachments readily available for your use as notification to the Building Official. Once signed, this packet is ready for submittal to the Building Department.

  • Plan Review turnaround times are coordinated with the permit application processes. We provide assistance with code interpretation and we clearly identify areas of noncompliance, providing objective, value added, efficient and cost effective consulting plan review services.

    MEP Structural reviews your construction documents (CDs) within 30 days or less, dependent upon size and scope of work (Contact us for a free estimate). We work with your architects and design professionals to address non-compliance items identified by our expert plans examiners. Upon determining that the plans reviewed comply with the applicable codes, we prepare an affidavit, which is submitted with the CDs and permit application to the Building Department for processing. By Statute, the Building Department has 30 business days to issue permit or provide written notice of any non-compliances. If the permit applicant submits revisions, the local building official has the remainder of the tolled 30-day period plus 5 business days to issue the requested permit or to provide a second written notice of non-compliance.

  • MEP Structural's dedicated inspectors perform the required building inspections for the duration of the project. We work closely with your construction professionals and subcontractors to identify and resolve potential concerns to achieve code compliance, thereby minimizing construction delays. Per Statute, the Building Department is notified of all inspections we will perform. We submit all required documents to local officials per the particular requirements of each building department.

  • Our inspectors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to expedite construction.

  • Within 2 business days after the receipt of a request for a certificate of occupancy (C.O.) or certificate of completion (C.C.) and approval of all other government approvals required by law, the local building official shall issue the C.O. or C.C. or provide a notice of deficiencies. If the local building official does not provide notice of the deficiencies within the prescribed 2-day period, the request for a C.O. or C.C. shall be deemed granted and shall be issued by the local building official on the next business day.

  • MEP Structural, as a Private Provider, remains responsible for the integrity of the inspections performed by us, and we maintain the appropriate required insurance coverage per Florida Statute.

For additional information regarding our Private Provider Services, please contact us.

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